WARNING: This blog contains some really bad puns. Proceed at your own risk.

After being cooped up reading for class all day Friday, Sidra, Natalie and I desperately needed a breath of fresh air. On Saturday morning, we walked over to Paddy’s Market which is a ginormous flea market full of small shops, souvenirs, and other knick-knacks. I’ll definitely be buying all of y’all some prezzies from there 😉 There’s also a huge produce market and a cool food court upstairs so I’m guessing I’ll find myself there quite often. From the market, we went to Darling Harbor to explore. We found some cool areas as well as this AMAZING park. Conclusion about Australia: It is the greatest place in the world because it’s parks are awesome. Here are some pics


 There was a zip line. A ZIP LINE


 There was also an entire water playground. You could turn wheels or pump levers to make water flow through the channels. It was like the Kohl’s Children’s Museum in Glenview, only better.
Fun fact: I played on pretty much everything in the park and successfully scared the kids away. Being 20 is hard 😦
Saturday night we booked our spring break trip to Cairns aka where the Great Barrier Reef is aka I’M SO EXCITED. Hello every Finding Nemo reference ever made. More to come later.
On Sunday the weather became beautiful for the first time all week so we decided to go to the zoo. Let me tell you about this zoo. First of all, it occupies its own island in the middle of the harbor so to say that the zoo is huge would be an understatement. Also, the zoo has the sickest view of the city/harbor that I’ve seen so far. Add Australian animals into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for a zoo-rific day (insert koala emoji here).
So in order to get to the zoo, we had to take a ferry across the harbor and then a super cool sky rail/ski lift type thing.



Then we saw a bunch of animals! Here are the highlights
 This city is too beautiful, it’s giraffing me crazy
 Goat out of the way, stop butting into the view
I should really make these puns better koala-ty
Photo cred: Natalie
 I don’t want to make kangaroo jokes roo soon
 but he looks pretty hopless to me
 This gets my seal of approval for one of the sealiest things I’ve ever seen
He was forced to dine and dash because his bill was too big
We also found out that some of the animals are (terrifyingly) allowed to walk around the zoo on their own and interact with zoo-goers.
So meticulous, always showing attention to de-tail


I hope you all found those puns emusing!
Photo cred: Natalie
I’ll leave you all with this (this one’s for you Caroline/Meredith/Sanya)
Photo cred: Natalie