So apparently the end of August in Australia means non-stop rain with spontaneous bursts of sunshine. But don’t mistake those spurts of sunshine for times when the rain stops, because it doesn’t. It just keeps right on raining. Seems like the weather was mimicking my feelings about the fact that class started on Tuesday. So it goes. (catch my Vonnegut reference?)

My semester here in Sydney is basically broken up into two halves. During the first half I am taking two classes and during the second half I will have an internship (at a location that is yet to be determined) and take one more class.  Right now I am taking Australian Literature and Australian Culture and Society (which the entire program is required to take). Both classes basically consist of billions of pages of reading that I am currently buried under. Go learning!
Now that I’ve finished talking about the boring class stuff, I’ll get to the good part. After class on Tuesday, Sidra, Natalie, and I ventured out to go get hot dogs at a bar called the Soda Factory which has $1 hot dogs every Tuesday night. Sounds like a great night, right? Too bad it was a complete failure. By the time we got out of class and made it to the bar (we got lost, took a bus the wrong way, and then ended up taking a cab), THE BAR WAS OUT OF $1 HOT DOGS. Literally so sad. Defeated and hungry, we somehow found our way back to our apartment and decided to get hot dogs at a stand nearby. The cravings were real. Sidra and I also got meat pies because apparently they are a big thing here but that was kind of a mistake. I got a chicken meat pie which was pretty good but Sidra got a beef one and it was pretty vile. Here’s a picture so you all can relish in the grossness of it.
 Gross beef pie
My wicked healthy meal. Hot dogs are NOT as good here as they are in the States. Not even close. Such a bummer.
On Wednesday, our Culture and Society class took us on a field trip to see the buildings and landmarks that are representative of the foundations of not only Sydney, but Australia as a whole. My favorite stop on the trip was the Hyde Park Barracks, a building that once housed some of the convicts that essentially created Australia. Quick backstory. Before British settlement, the land now known as Australia was used as a place of exile for British convicts. The convicts were basically allowed to live a normal life given that they reported for work on time everyday. The presence and overpopulation of these convict facilities was one of the main reasons that the British decided to colonize Australia and establish their first penal colony in the area. This convict background still plays a large part in Australian society and identity today. History is cool.
Hyde Park Barracks

Thursday night we went to a bar/club that has pool on the top level! The night was pretty boring but I just really wanted to share this picture of a pool bar with you all.

Alright well that’s about all I’ve done with my life since I last blogged. Be sure to check out my “Aussies Do It Better” post to read about some of the things I’ve learned/observed since I’ve been in Sydney!!